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Our Story

Welcome to Apoyo Roaster, where every bean tells a story.

The decision to roast coffee has been a long time in the making. It started out as a passion for finding and drinking great coffee while living overseas. 
My interest grew as I learned about the uniqueness of quality beans and various ways to make good coffee while living in South Africa. I decided to turn this passion for coffee into an artistic expression that provided the opportunity to buy fresh roasted single origin coffee from around the world. 

The name of the roastery, is Apoyo, which is the Spanish word for support. Translated literally, it means to, back up or advocate. Every purchased bag of coffee is "apoyo" to a charitable compassionate ministry. As the non-profit works to support people, Apoyo Roaster works to support those endeavors. Your support of Apoyo Roaster means you are helping others. Your purchase provides, hope, empowerment, education, and a friendly hand to many in need. I believe my life calling is to help and care for others. I chose to use my passion for coffee to answer the call on my life to serve others through roasting and selling of quality, ethically sourced coffee beans. 
Thus, Apoyo Roaster was born. 

- Phil Anderson
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